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Referrals are now even easier!

Hi everyone!

Just to let you know that we’ve been working hard on improving the efficiency of our referrals process and today a new form went live. It’s powered by Google Drive forms so we receive instant notification of referrals and can track them. All very geeky but utterly satisfying!

This comes at just the right time as we have received a much higher level of referrals since the new year. Click on the Swan to see more…


It’s been a busy summer!

unnamed-2It’s been a while since my last post which is because we have been busy helping local families. The number of agencies referring to us has increased and we now work with our fantastic community midwives, Family Friends, Windsor Foodshare, Frogmore House and the Army Hive amongst others. The number of donations we received over the summer and in September was higher than ever.

Back in the summer we had a donation sorting day and with the help of some volunteers we worked our way through many black plastic sacks of clothes, boxing up by size and sorting out anything that didn’t quite make the grade for rags.  As a result we were able to see what we had and free up a little space in our storage.

Storage has been our focus as we desperately need to relocate to more accessible and larger premises. We have been raising funds to make this a possibility. Lately we have held a second hand stall in the Tree House Café at Windsor Baptist Church and this has brought in cash to pay for new Moses Basket Mattresses and consumable items such as wipes and breast pads. A successful crowd-funding appeal brought in just over £500 in 30 days which was amazing- thanks for your support!

The most exciting input of cash in our mission to fund storage space came when we were awarded a grant of £1000 by the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. This has boosted our funds but we are not there yet! Our next fundraiser will be a sale of new Christmas clothes which have been donated by a local high-street store. Look out for details on our Facebook page.


Your donations are making a difference!

unnamed-2 Wow! Back in March when I casually mentioned to Rebecca that I’d like to set up   ‘something like a foodbank, but with baby stuff’, I never imagined that just a few months later we would be helping families in need.

It’s been a crazy few months! We’ve both had to juggle the demands of family and our regular day jobs with organising storage, a website, posters and more importantly, making contact with local agencies to get our name known.

What makes me feel especially proud is the response of people in Windsor to our mad-cap scheme. The generosity of local parents has astounded us, whether through donating good quality baby clothes and equipment, some of it brand new, or through helping with practical jobs like photography and web design. Thank you so much from us both. It makes us proud to live in such a caring town.

As a result we have helped a number of local families by providing the full newborn starter kit and even more with individual items such as buggies and sterilisers.

There are are other baby banks doing similar work in other parts of the country and we see them as allies, sharing ideas and tips for funding and pointing out the potential pitfalls of starting up. We are now advising a new scheme in Bristol so we’ve come full circle.

I’ll stop there for now as I could go on all day (can you tell that we love this project?!). Next time, I’ll talk about our plans for the future.

Amy x

(One half of Baby Bank Windsor!)