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Why do we fundraise?

Baby Bank Windsor is reliant on donations of second hand clothes and equipment and occasional gifts of new items from local businesses. We do need to purchase items when our stocks run low, for example baby wipes and nappies. We also have a policy of only giving out new mattresses for our Moses basket and cots, in line with SIDs guidance.

Finally, we raise funds to pay the rent on our larger, more secure storage and office/meeting space.

How do we fundraise?

  • We hold sales of new or nearly new clothes on ebay or local sales when we have a surplus or donations from local businesses.
  • We apply for grants and awards from companies, the local council and other organisations
  • We accept donations through a Paypal button on our website
  • We encourage supporters to earn for us by using Easy Fundraising when they shop online

Regular Donations Coming Soon!

Please consider making a regular donation by direct debit. More details soon.

If you have any other ideas or would like to host an event to support of Baby Bank Windsor, please get in touch on